What are the advantages of Subaru cars from other brands?

It’s good to know what makes Subaru unique compared to other brands. The brief description below will explain what is unique about the Subaru car. Maybe this will be the right information before buying a car. Maybe other brands are more complete in terms of accessories, but Subaru Outback has unique features and a high level of safety that other brands don’t have.

1. SUBARU Horizontally-Opposed BOXER ENGINE

What is a Horizontally-Opposed Boxer Engine?

The Subaru engine is an engine configuration in which the piston moves horizontally in the combustion process. The crankshaft is in the middle and the cylinders are placed on the left and right, forming an angle of 180 degrees. This design creates a lower center of gravity, perfect symmetrical balance, better handling and more efficient AWD system performance. On the V-Type Engine the engine moves vertically in a “V” shape, or up and down in an inclined state. This creates wear, reduces fuel efficiency in AWD vehicles and requires more components for the AWD system.

What are the advantages?

Lower Center of Gravity

The engine sits flat and low to the ground, which creates excellent handling in tight corners, better balance and reduces body-roll symptoms.

Minimal Engine Vibration

This design also keeps engine vibrations to a minimum, as each piston eliminates vibrations with the opposite motion. So, the result is a much quieter and smoother interior and an optimum level of total driving comfort.

Fuel Economy

Often some people have the error of comparing the efficiency level of Subaru with other brands. Try now to compare it with a car that has the same specs, from the engine capacity to the motion system (AWD of course). Guaranteed Subaru has a more efficient count.


Every Subaru vehicle has been equipped with enough power and torque to make you feel enthusiastic about driving. An efficient and powerful boxer engine will never leave you feeling underpowered.

Longer Life Engine

Please see the picture below, how the pistons in the Boxer engine are always lubricated compared to other types of engines.

Subaru Engine Accident Dismount

This is the sophisticated of the boxer engine. This boxer engine if it has an accident, the engine will be cut off and fall down, away from the driver and passengers. Compare with other types of machines that can penetrate into the cabin, which can cause injury and even death.


What is Symmetrical AWD?

The term AWD seems to have been heard a lot, but the new symmetrical AWD is extraordinary. So, what is meant by symmetrical is the balance of the distance of the drive lever between the left and right, as well as the position of the transmission and axle in the middle.

It has a lower center of gravity compared to other AWD systems. In addition, if each wheel slips, the distribution of torque between the front and rear is controlled automatically. Guaranteed stability and stickiness in various driving conditions.

What are the advantages of Symmetrical AWD?


The Subaru Boxer engine delivers power to all four wheels continuously, which doubles the wheel’s traction sensitivity in all weather conditions. The engine will send more power to the wheel that has the best grip, which can reduce the chance of slipping on one of the wheels.


Dividing power among all four wheels helps provide stability and control in various driving conditions, this prevents sliding (oversteer/understeer).


The drivetrain is symmetrical and balanced, on both the right and left sides, which provides a driving experience that enhances control, especially in sharp turns.

How Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive is Different

This is what makes it different from other brands.

As the picture referred to above, that non-symmetrical AWD uses more components to channel its power. The distribution of motion is not balanced between the right and left. Very clearly seen in the picture to the right.

3. Subaru Advanced Safety Engineering

How safe is Subaru?

Ring-Shaped Reinforced Frame

There is no weak point in this series of rings. Ring-shaped, this construction protects passengers to the maximum. It is made to absorb and dissipate the forces from impact impacts.

Seatbelts, Airbags, Active Headrests and Seat Anchors

It has become standard equipment on Subaru, I don’t need to explain, everyone already knows how important these airbags are. The number of airbags returns to each type of vehicle, yes.

Pedestrian Protection

Pedestrian protection is useful for protecting other road users in the event of an accident. It can be seen from the distance between the front bumper and the engine, where the front bumper has room to absorb impacts from the front.


Each model is equipped with 4-sensor/4-channel ABS combined with EBD (Electronic Brakes-force Distribution) which can adjust rear brake control when the car is carrying heavy loads or certain road conditions. And some types are also equipped with Hill Start Assist, which helps when we are on an incline, so that the car does not drop suddenly when releasing the gas pedal.

Safety Brake Pedal System

In the event of a severe frontal collision, the brake pedal and components present an obvious hazard to the feet. The safety pedal system allows the pedals on certain Subaru models to move forward in the event of a crash. This is to prevent injury to the driver’s legs and knees. Here Subaru provides a solution as shown below.