The Mazda 3, Daily Driving Fun That’ll Never Disappoint.

As a hatch, there are some things you’ll expect from it when at the wheel. One is a good, compact design. Then there’s economy, reliability, and safety. But seriously, whenever someone looks at a hatch, their first thought is never about insurance or resale value. It’s most definitely about pure driving pleasure. And this is where the new Mazda 3 delivers in boatloads. It’s one of those cars that looks exactly how it drives: swift, accurate, and fun.

Mazda 3: agility at no expense 

For the city streets, the daily commuter will find an abundance of joy at the wheel. With excellent driving dynamics, the family hatch is an inch-perfect, and purposeful drive. With a torque vectoring system (GVC) there’s dialled up the ability to take corners with a cool, controlled approach, you really feel like you’re in control. Then there’s the 186hp from the 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine that will make a little noise when encouraged to do so. With the choice of a 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic, the optional AWD function is just a cherry on top of this stylish hatch. Overall, it’s honest, approachable, and kind of quirky. 

Standard tech that actually excites

No doubt, the Mazda 3 is not trying to encroach on any other market, it’s a car that means and does what it says. And when it comes to tech, it’s pretty exciting. No matter what you spend, you can be sure to have a generous infotainment display (non-touchscreen), Mazda’s Radar Cruise Control, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, while also throwing in inbuilt sat-nav and LED headlights. Again, that’s standard. That’s pretty neat for a hatch that is, by and large, aimed at younger and older buyers. It’s almost like they’ve done an inventory on all the tech that should be in a hatch – got it – and built the smallest car they could around it. 

Interior pleasure

Mazda has gone for a simple yet effective approach with the 3. In no way is it overdone and lacking in style because of it. In fact, it’s almost minimalistic to the extent that everything that is included is intentional and purposeful. With a whole range of interior fabrics up for grabs, the car itself is also beautiful to behold. Then there’s the Japanese attention to detail. And it’s second to none. The interior is as pristine and the ergonomics are splendid. There’s one thing you can be sure about with a Mazda 3 and that’s comfort. With standard dual climate control, both front seat passengers are in for a treat. While the back seat is comparatively low for anyone above 6ft, nothing seems out of place or odd. It just works. 


For daily driving, this vehicle is both exceptionally well designed, and for the higher than average price, it’s all worth it. While it could be roomier, the size is part of its inevitable charm. For pleasurable, easy going driving, this is a top hit. For more details and to book a test drive, get in contact with a Perth Mazda dealership today.