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The E12 Version of the BMW 5 Series

ApriliaCompare Aprilia bikes. The launch of the Fuga points to the fact that Nissan is making an attempt laborious to catch up with its extra illustrious rival Toyota. Nissan is taking part in catch up to Toyota which has hybrid versions of its Lexus models. Even Honda also affords hybrid variations of Perception, Fit and CR-Z.

What Makes Formula One the Number One in Motor Racing?
Over the years and decades there are many things that evolve, but few quite as rapid as within the motor sport arena. The high octane adrenaline pumping sound and smell of a highly tuned motor car racing around a purpose built race track has an amazing affect on the drivers, mechanics, spectators, and everyone else that is involved. There are many reasons the sport of formula one racing has amassed such a widespread audience in the last few years…
Formula one racing has been on the circuit so to speak for quite a few years now, but when first starting out looked nothing like the well oiled machine that we see now going from country to country virtually every two weeks for a new and exciting grand prix dedicated to the particular nation that they may visiting at that time.
It is certainly a World class act that few sports could ever equal or even hold a torch too. The high salaried elaborate lifestyle of some of the drivers, create a certain attraction for some, which is just one reason that drives the sport and young fans on. After all what young budding go-kart driver would not love the lifestyle that goes hand in hand with the title, formula one racing driver.
In recent years there has been campaign after campaign in order to increase all the safety regulations and aspects involved with and around the sport. Over the years many people have been injured and even killed, this ranges from driver right along to spectators, thankfully the figures have been getting less and less, but that should not detract our attention away from how dangerous formula one racing still is.
Thankfully these days the cars are fitted with a multitude of safety devices, which includes a driver safety cell made up from some of the hardest yet lightest composites known to man, this cell is designed to cushion impacts from crashes that might otherwise be fatal to the driver. In some cases this does not stop missiles in the form of other car parts puncturing through to cause injury, but overall tend to keep the driver fairly safe.
The formula one arena is also a testing ground for the car manufacturers that are involved, most of the additions that are available for everyday cars on the road originated from tests in motor sport and predominately formula one racing. This aspect is the lifeblood for some teams to be able to continue within the most expensive motor racing circus in the World, with each of the F1 cars costing in excess of two million … Read More...