Strategies to Re-Engage Inactive Email Subscribers

Do you know how active your subscribers are? It is important to pay attention to your subscribers’ behavior, this will help you understand who is active and who is not.   

Then you could use re-engagement techniques to engage the inactive subscribers and boost your relationship with prospects on your list.  

Irrespective of the reasons for not responding, for a business it is not good to have too many subscribers not engaging (opening, email, clicking CTA, etc.) with their email marketing.  

So, what do we do about inactive email subscribers?  

As you continue reading, you will get an idea of ways to re-engage with your audience.  

Before moving to that, here is a pro tip for you.  

How did you build your email list? Did you know that having the wrong email addresses in the prospect list could also be a reason for a low engagement rate?  

How to find a ceo email address – Free email finder  

If you are not sure about the accuracy of email addresses or how to find a ceo email address, then it is wise to use free email finder tools like to find the email format of your prospects.  

There is a lot you get from the tool’s free version. You could explore other free email finder tools too.  

I hope you find this tip insightful.  

Let us now look at ways to re-engage with inactive email subscribers.    

Zombie hunting  

Find your subscribers who have not opened any of your emails in the past twelve months.   

Who is an inactive subscriber in your business?  

You should know that the definition of inactive subscribers is often different for different brands. You need to define it based on how often you are sending emails to your prospects and who your target audience is.    

A reconfirmation campaign could help  

Send a mail with a message “we would like to ensure that you still want to hear from us”. Keep it short as in the example.  

To the inactive audience, it won’t do any good if you send them a long email. Instead, keep it short and crisp.  

You could even send a thank you note, or ask for their feedback, send a free case study, etc.  

If you see some subscribers showing a response for the first time in a while, pat yourself on the back. Your campaign worked!    

Bid adieu  

For subscribers who don’t respond to your reconfirmation campaign, it is time to bid adieu! You can’t have them on your prospect list forever, at least not until they become your potential customers.   

Having such subscribers on your list will harm your business.   

By removing them from your list, you are saving yourself from spending money on people who aren’t interested in your brand. And the overall engagement level of your list will improve with better inbox placement.  

This will increase the open email and click rate for your email marketing campaign.   

Time to check your content  

When you curate good content, you are giving your subscribers less reason to go quiet. Typically, the initial few weeks following signup are critical, hence it is vital to focus on how you are communicating with your subscribers.   

Does your content sound welcome? Are you giving them enough exposure to your brand values & products?  

You can use automation tools to send appropriate series of emails at the time of subscription, purchase, or any event.   

A Feedback Survey  

If you feel that your content is not engaging your audience, you can ask them directly what’s wrong with what you are doing, and how they want to be engaged.  

Feedback surveys help you to understand your audience better.   

Final Thoughts  

As you saw in this article, good content is very important. If it is worth your prospects’ time to open and read, there is a chance that they will be interested in your brand.