Lost/ Damaged Car Key Service

car keys in Dallas Metropolitan Area – Car keys are something very important. The object is a “key” to start the car. Because these objects are very important, the key-making companies design these objects to be strong, sturdy, and not easily broken. Even though it is said to be not easily broken, it does not mean that it really cannot be broken. Sometimes drivers try to duplicate their car keys at a key duplicate service on the side of the road. They try to secure in case anything bad happens to the original key. It may fall on the road and get lost.

How Car Keys Work:

  • All Cars sold since 1995 are manufactured by the manufacturer equipped with an immobilizer system which is equipped with a small chip embedded in the car key.
  • Cars that are new when purchased from the dealer are usually included with two remote keys.
  • Car keys manufactured in the early 2000s used a security technology known as the “Red Key System”.
  • The Red Key System key is for programming new keys, so apart from the Red Key System key, you also need to have 2 other keys that came with the vehicle.

Note: Do not attempt to use the master key to start the vehicle. This programming key is issued for programming only on older vehicles.

  • The car’s electronic immobilizer system will detect the transponder chip on the key when the car’s ignition is turned on so that it will trigger the car’s ignition.
  • If the detected chip is synchronous, the immo system will allow the vehicle to start. If the immo system fails to detect the chip so that the fuel supply to the engine is cut off then the car will not start.
  • It is not possible to create, program or remove a car immobilizer when the car is running.
  • A small chip embedded in the plastic part of a car key operates on one of two different coding systems.
  • Most modern car keys are usually protected by a “crypto coding system” key system.
  • For old Car Keys (manufactured before 1995) often do not contain a transponder chip. This significantly reduces the cost of making or servicing a new car key.

There are other ways to start the car so that it can be used. The trick is to disassemble the cables in the car. Then find the cable to start the engine. If it has been found, then try to connect the positive and negative wires. Connecting does not mean connecting. However, give a little touch to the two cables. So that the flow of electricity can trigger the engine to start again. Of course, this method requires sufficient knowledge and experience.

But, what about people who don’t understand cars, don’t understand car engines, and don’t understand wiring for vehicle electricity. Most drivers will immediately panic and worry if the car keys in Dallas are broken. some think that the car is no longer usable. Because of the panicked atmosphere, the car drivers tried to pry out the broken parts in the starter. The duplicate keys used in key duplicate services on the side of the road were not as good as the factory-made keys. It’s only natural that it breaks and bends easily. There is a way to deal with a broken key in the starter when you want to start the engine.

  • Step 1: Must make a new key which is made with a new key making tool that is done with precision so that it can open the car and can enter the car’s contacts correctly.
  • Step 2: The transponder chip in the replacement car key must be “paired” and programmed for your vehicle.

Well, a lesson for all of us for car drivers. If you want to make a key duplicate in the Metropolitan Area, use a key duplicate service  that has a strong material such as steel. Although a bit expensive than ordinary key duplicates, but for security and key vulnerabilities can be minimized