How to maintain your Harley-Davidson

Every Harley-Davidson owner naturally wants to keep the motorcycle in the very best condition. You want to keep the life of the motorcycle as long as possible and that is only possible when you do proper maintenance. However, it can be rather expensive to go to the mechanic for every little thing. That’s why it’s handy to be able to do some maintenance yourself. That’s why we give you a few tips on how to maintain your Harley-Davidson yourself.

Finding the right Harley-Davidson OEM parts

First of all, it’s important to invest in slightly more expensive parts when something needs to be replaced. We understand that it sounds interesting to replace parts with parts that are cheap, but these parts are often not the best for your motorcycle. In fact, the parts may not even fit the Harley- Davidson or the parts may do more harm than good. This is because a bad part can also damage other parts of the motorcycle. Therefore, it is a good idea to go for Harley-Davidson OEM parts. These parts are made by Harley-Davidson, the original manufacturer, itself. So with these parts you can be sure that they will fit well and will not damage other parts. This way you can keep the life of your Harley-Davidson as long as possible!

Maintaining your Harley-Davidson

There are a number of things you can do yourself in terms of maintaining your Harley-Davidson. If you do some of these things yourself you don’t have to go to the mechanic all the time and that saves money. First of all, it is important to check the tires. Make sure you have a good tire pressure and otherwise top it up. Also change the oil now and then. Keep in mind that the oil of a motorcycle needs to be changed more often than the oil of a car. Make sure you change the filter as well! It is also useful to learn how to change a light bulb. Light bulbs can break every now and then and need to be replaced immediately. In addition, it is important to keep a close eye on the brake pads and to raise the alarm in time when the brake pads are worn out. If the brake pads are worn and you find out later, the brake discs may already be damaged! So these were a few things you can already check yourself, without having to go to the mechanic!