Movement from one place to another is one of the very first things we learn as human. In the beginning, before we built large cities and larger types of machinery, our ancestors had to continually be on the move – in search of food, to hide from climatic elements and conditions like rain and snow, and to escape from danger either from humans from other bands or from animals that they shared the same environment with.

This is why the very first products created by civilization included finding ways to transport humans and goods faster across long distances. At first, animals were used to solve the challenge of mobility, but as the requirement for efficiency and reliability increased, the need for machinery that will not be dependent on the whims of some animal led to the first steam-powered automobile in the sixteenth century. Over time, cars and car services evolved to include hundreds of models of vehicles using various fuel sources and with various shapes and sizes. Today, a large population of humans own one form of vehicle or the other.

So what do you do if you are in a hurry and your car breaks down? The increased number of factors as to which car to get for what purpose can lead to confusion for individuals who are looking to buy or rent cars. To this end, reading reviews left online on websites like about and other platforms can be of an immense wealth of benefit. Before choosing which car to rent, there are certain factors to take into consideration:

Why do you need to rent a car?

What do you need the car for? Are you going on a road trip, a vacation, a business meeting, a prom or a solo ride? Do you need to make an impression at your destination, or would you just need a convenient and reliable model? If you are heading for a movie premier, for instance, you might want to rent a car that screams ‘luxury!’. A long road trip will need a car that is rugged, strong, low on maintenance, high on convenience. So before you chose that flashy model, be sure it fits into the overall purpose of what you need.

Fuel consumption/Power Source

So after establishing the reason for the car, you might also want to look closely at the fuel consumption of the model you want to rent, especially if you are on a budget. Long trips or long-duration rentals might require conservative fuel requirements, or if you can find it, electric or hybrid cars, all depends on your preference, of course. But if you live in a country where electric cars are not yet commonplace, you might want to stick with the regular models until the nearest future.


The internal size of the compartment of the car should also be considered. If you are a tall individual, you might want to consider the comfort of the car you want to rent before you commit. In truth, driving in a cramped car can cause unimaginable damage to the knees. Also, whether you are travelling in a group or not will determine if you want a family-sized car, a two-seater, a four-wheel-drive or a salon car. You decide which suits your need the most.


What do you know about the model you are about to rent? Is it durable? If you had a car problem in the middle of nowhere, with no signal on your cell and only a roadside mechanic some miles away, would he be able to fix the car enough for you to get into town? You should cover all your bases just to be on a safer side. Don’t rent over-fancy cars just for the fun of it. Always think of the downsides for the best experience.


Of course, car rental companies have their vehicles insured. But does their insurance cover your class of license? Be sure before you commit yourself.