Best Fuel Efficient Car Brands in the market 2021

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc in the entire world, economies are now getting on their knees. Oil, gas and other fuel prices have spiked and every car owner is experiencing pain at the pump. The best thing anyone could offer a prospective car owner is a more fuel efficient vehicle. While most cars consume lots of gas to cover short mileages, some can travel the world using very little amount, independently or as a complementary fuel to electricity. If you can save at the pump, I don’t see any reasons you shouldn’t go for it. Hybrids are the most efficient and you don’t even have to buy one. You can lease one. Be sure to read numerous car rental companies online reviews before closing any deals. Also, be sure to get insurance for the vehicle just to be safe. is a pool of insurance companies where you can get the best one in the entire USA. Here are some of the best and most fuel efficient car models in the market;

1. Tesla

The best and fuel efficient cars are not always the cheapest. Most of them are relatively expensive but you save on annual and monthly cost of operation. Tesla is an American-made electric car. The vehicle has a sleek design and is friendly to the environment. All you need is a high voltage resident charging station or have access to a public one. The highest tesla vehicle costs $109,000 and you incur an estimated operating cost of $562 which is relatively low.

2. Honda

Honda is another kickass brand. Its hybrid vehicles will save you a lot of money otherwise sent on gas. You only use little cash to fill the tank which you use together with electricity. Its vehicles have the lowest costs of maintenance and are well-built. Nothing beats a low cost of operation and a similarly low maintenance cost.

3. Nissan

Charge your Nissan Leaf for 30 minutes and travel for 100 miles. Nissan electric vehicles are another fuel efficient choice in the market. Most range between $32,780 and you can receive a federal subsidy offered to electric car owners by the state. The subsidies range between $20, 000 and $25, 000. The Nissan Leaf has the lowest cost of operation among other electric cars, which amounts to $561. You however need to have another car for longer distances and trips.

4. Toyota

Toyota is a popular top brand around the world for its affordable models. Its latest Prius model has been rated as one of the most dependable vehicles of its caliber. The initial cost is high but relatively lower compared to other models. You save on cost of maintaining it, fuel and the environment.

5. Lexus

If you thought Lexus vehicles are expensive, you haven’t heard about their CT 200h model. The vehicle is environmentally friendly, has an affordable cost of operation and available under $30,000. It has a sleek design that will make heads turn. Get your dream Lexus vehicle at an affordable price and save on fuel.