Top 5 Motorcycle Part Brands and Their Batteries

Batteries, like any other motorcycle part, are an investment. You want your investment to last and benefit you in the long run. Here are the top 5 Motorcycle part brands that manufacture batteries.

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Yuasa Battery Company was for formed in 1979, and they are one of the leading manufacturers in batteries for motorcycles, scooters, personal watercraft and other vehicles. Their main plant is located in Laureldale, PA, and they have plants in other countries as well. 

Yuasa Maintenance Free Battery is designed with lead calcium and can be used by motorcycles and ATV. The calcium designs allows the battery to stay alive without needing a charge even when there are long periods of inactivity or your bike is in standby mode. It contains a special absorbed glass mat battery and is permanently sealed once filled with acid. You won’t have to worry about your acid leaking, since the acid is absorbed in special plates and separators. 


BikeMaster was established in 1983, and they pride themselves on providing parts and chemicals with O.E.M. quality. 

Their Trugel Battery has Nano-Gel Technology that makes it vibration and shock resistant and made to perform regardless of riding and weather conditions. Whether on the shelf or in your bike, you will find the Trugel Battery to have a long storage life, and it won’t leak when it’s wet or cracked. 


Shorai is a California based company formed in 2010, and they pride themselves on producing light, efficient, and high performance lithium batteries. 

The Shorai LFX Battery is a motorcycle and ATV battery that has prismatic cells and is able to endure extreme temperatures.  It is liquid free, so no worries about any leakage.  It is very light being one-fifth the weight of an average lead-acid battery. It has a long service life and holds an unloaded charge for one year. It is low-maintenance and environmentally friendly, due to being free of acid or lead. 


Ballistic Performance Components was formed in 2009. The company uses LiFePO4 technology that produces a large amount of power in a short span or time with quick recovery. 

The Ballistic EVO3 Battery uses LiFePO4 and “Dry” technology and is durable. It is 10lb lighter than the average battery. It has been tested by professional teams to ensure maximum performance. It is also environmentally friendly, and it can be recycled to eliminate the addition of more waste and chemicals negatively affecting our environment. 

Aliant (ELSA Solutions)

Aliant batteries are created by the Italian company ELSA Solutions, and the company has been in the industry since 2009.    They are another company that has invested into lighter, high performance battery technology.  They pride themselves on creating a battery that is affordable, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance. 

The Aliant 12V Lithium Battery is a light weight battery (50% lighter than the average battery) and can obtain a complete charge in less than 30 minutes and a 50% charge in 10 minutes.  It has a slow discharge rate, a long shelf life, and can perform under high temperatures.  It is a liquid and lead free battery with Lithium-Iron-Phosphate cells.

These brands are experienced, environmentally friendly, and they offer an affordable price.  Investing in one of these batteries will give you a life-long piece of equipment that will make sure that you are able to stay on the road for as long as you like.  If you want to learn more about motorcycle part brands and what else they have to offer, check out the other articles posted in our blog. To learn more about our motorcycle tuning store visit our About Us page. 

Top 5 Brake Part Brands for Your Motorcycle

Like any other vehicle, your motorcycle needs maintenance and the proper parts to keep it a safe, running mode of transportation. Having the right brakes is important, because you want them to last for a long period of time, and you want to make sure that they are compatible to your bike and can properly function. Below, you will find the top 5 brake brands and a sample of their products that have a long lasting lifespan and high quality performance. 


Brake Pads

The BikeMaster brake pads consist of Kevlar, Twaron, Ceramic, and low metal. It is abestosfree, and the company has put their product through years of research and dyno testing. It is high performing and is produced in the same factory as the Japanese OEM’s. Due to its high quality, you will experience long service life and superior fade resistance. 

Brake Rotor

The BikeMaster brake rotor is made using German Aerospace Materials and BikeMaster M.A.S. Technology. The rotor is designed to perform with accuracy and strength due to it being laser cut to the tenth thousandth of an inch and its CNC billet machined aluminum carriers.


Brake Pads

EBC’s Double-Sintered Pads are great for bikes that are always on the road. It is made with sintered copper alloy and it is ECE R90 Approved. Its design and composition is made to last long and produce maximum brake effect.   

Brake Rotors

EBC rotors are made out of aluminum or steel, and they provide front and rear brake rotors. The rotors are heat treated and tempered, and some come with a SD system hardware. 

Biker’s Choice

PrintBike Rotors

Biker’s Choice rotors are made with the finest steel.  They supply standard rotors, mirror finish vented rotors, 5-Spoke rotors, polished mesh rotors, and round hole rotors. Most of the rotors provided are great O.E.M. replacements.

Other Brake Parts

Biker’s Choice also manufactures brake pads, junction blocks, cartridge rebuild kits, banana calipers and more. 


Brake Rotors

Driven’s rotors are made with a mix of high carbon steel and billet aluminum. Their sport series rotors are floaters, which help keep a flat braking surface. They design their breaks to be durable, precise heat resistant, and able to create high friction when braking. 

Brake Pads

Driven’s Sintered brake pads are made with sintered copper and is resistant to mud, water, sand, and grit. Brake pads will immediately respond to the function and give the rider a smooth brake. 


Cylinders and Brake Calipers

K&L manufactures quality cylinder and brake caliper kits. Their Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit comes with all the parts you need to rebuild a proper cylinder, and it is sourced from the O.E.M. manufacturers.  Their Brake Caliper Rebuild Kits contains the proper equipment to build a caliper. Pistons are not included in the caliper kit, but you can purchase K&L brake caliper pistons to ensure compatibility. 

A fitted, long lasting brake system will save you time, money, and the lives of you and any backseat passenger. The brands above are the best in the business, and the products mentioned above are only a sample of what they have to offer. They have brake parts in various models and designs that will give the rider long-lasting usage and the perfect fit that will ensure a smooth brake. Our motorcycle tuning store knows the proper equipment your motorcycle needs and will be honored to service your motorcycle. To learn more about the brands we carry and other types of equipment they manufacturer, check out the other blog articles on the site. To learn more about our business check out our About Us page. 

The Top 5 Motorcycle Equipment Brands and their Fuel Systems

Your fuel system is what keeps your bike up and running, and the technology and design of it needs to be top quality to give you high quality performance. There are many brands out there that manufactures fuel systems, but not all of them are created the same.  Here are the top 5 motorcycle equipment brands and there fuel systems.


Dynojet has been in business since 1972 and has manufactured performance enhancement products and tools for countries all over the world. One of their fuel system products that many motorcyclists have had a great experience with is the Dynojet Power Commander V. This product is inspired by Dynojet’s Power Commander III. It is more compact than the Commander III and has many technology features that makes it a huge upgrade from its predecessor, including

  • Gear/Speed Input
  • 10 throttle position columns,
  • Enhanced “accel pump” utility
  • Analog input
  • A built-in 2 position map switching function and more


Cobra is a Southern California based company that started in 1977. They started in the ATV industry and entered in the motorcycle industry several years later. Now, they work with major OEM motorcycle companies, providing the market the best in equipment and accessories.   

One of the many products that motorcyclist trust is the Cora Fi2000R Fuel Processor. This product can be used by both fuel-inject motorcycles and ATVs. With this processor, fuel-injected motorcycles are tunable without the need for computer downloads or remapping. If you purchase the R version, you will also have the benefit of OEM connectors. With the Fi2000 processor you will experience a smoother, cooler ride with better throttle response and no backfiring.

S&S Cycle

S&S cycle started in 1958 and is one of the leading manufacturers of v-twin engine parts. They have won many awards including Hot Bike “High Performance Product of the Year” and V-Twin Excellence “Motor of the Year.”   

S&S Cycle is one of the best carburetor manufacturers in the industry. If you’re a racer, their Shorty Super “E” Carburetor Kit will definitely make your inner racer happy.  The kit includes

  • Teardrop air cleaner assembly
  • Manifold
  • Mounting hardware
  • Fuel line
  • Clamps
  • Overflow line
  • One extra intermediate jet and two main jets


Kuryakyn has been manufacturing parts for the motorcycle industry for the past 27 years. They recognize that motorcycles are a lifestyle and not just a piece of machinery, which is why they take such care in designing and manufacturing their parts. 

The Kuryakyn Wild Things Fuel Injection Controller is affordable and easy to install. It is load based and reads throttle position and RPM.  You can tune the fuel injection as you would a carburetor. It has a green, yellow, red, and RPM “pot” function that adds fuel and adjusts throttle accordingly. 

Vance & Hines

Manufactured in Santa Fe Springs, California and Brownsburg, Indiana, Vance & Hines equipment are one of the most trusted in the industry. Vance Hines creates exhaust systems for big twin cruisers and parts and accessories for various types of vehicles.

The Vance & Hines Fuel Pak increases your power and improves throttle response, and it includes the mounting hardware that is needed. It easy to install and to use, and there is no need for a computer.  You can also fine tune the fuel mixture by pressing a single button.

The quality of your ride depends on the quality of your fuel system. These brands have been in business for decades and have been trusted by motorcyclists for just as long. To learn more about other brands and equipment, keep browsing through our site. To learn more about company, check out our About Us page.